Sunday, June 21, 2015

Basket Case RC10B2 Restoration

Evenin' Folks,
  All my life I've been a tinkerer.  Like so many young boys, I loved taking mechanical things apart just to see how they worked on the inside.  When I was a teenager I was introduced to radio controlled cars and really thought I had found my niche.  I couldn't afford to buy or build a full size car and I was kind of getting tired of fiddling with lawn mower engines (even they took up too much room!), so r/c cars were perfect.  Fast forward about 20 years, and I'm in a similar situation.  I went from having pretty physical jobs where I worked with my hands all day to sitting at a computer staring at a screen all day.  So, I've been screaming for a project to tinker with and, once again, I have no room (or money) for an old car, antique tractor or vintage machinery of any kind.  I Googled r/c cars, just to see what has changed over the years and, to my surprise, restoring vintage cars has become a pretty popular thing!  
  I started out searching for replacement and upgrade parts for my first r/c car, a Team Associated RC10GT.  I've been putting off digging through my storage shed to find the truck, tools and parts, but I started scouring eBay for anything I could find.  In trying to get some used parts for my existing cars, I ended up getting a basket case of a Team Associated RC10B2 buggy.  I guess I've found my first r/c restoration project!  
  I'm going to document the restoration process here on The Angler's Workshop.  I'll use photo, video and commentary to show every step of the way and every process I use to get this junk buggy up and running and then upgraded and tuned up into a vintage racing buggy to be proud of!  Oh, and if you know of anybody looking to get rid of a bunch of RC10B2 parts (preferably free!) please let me know!!!
  I hope you enjoy following along!

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