Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cumming Antique Power Expo -- 8 November 2014

Mornin' Folks,
  Here's a real picture heavy post for you!  These pictures were taken at the Cumming Antique Power Association's 11th Annual Cumming Steam, Antique Tractor, and Gas Engine Expo.  I thoroughly enjoyed walking around looking at all the tractors and hit-and-miss engines on display and watching the saw mill in action.  I wish the show had been bigger, it seems like I covered the whole thing too fast!  I'm definitely going to make plans to attend next year!
  Enjoy the photos!
The Steam Shed

There's something exciting about old crawlers, too!

My dream car! A Stanley Steamer, mid-restoration.  They had it running just about all day and even drove it in the parade!

Thought I'd throw in a hand tool picture as well.  This new-in-box Craftsman plane is available at one of the local antique stores, it just exceeds my $10 antique tool budget!

It's still not quite done, but here's a shot of the saw till I've been working on.  I needed a safe way to move my saw collection around and this fits the bill very well.  I don't care for the oak dowel handle though, it flexes way too much under the weight.  I'll post better pictures when I get a new handle sorted out.

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